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The love of drumming started with me when I was thirteen years old when I joined the Junior High and High School marching bands. I then joined “Seizure” which later became “Mean Streak”, and finally started playing the local circuit. From there I was a part of other locally successful bands like "LIX", "Rated-R" and "Ledfoot". 

And here I am now with Strict9, utilizing all the tools I've accumulated over the years. As I vowed when I was thirteen, I work hard to be the best I can be and with gradual improvements, it keeps me hungry to play! Despite the long hours of practice, lugging gear and setting-up, I still can’t wait to do the next show! Never has performing live been more fulfilling! I really couldn’t think of a better line-up of guys to progress with, and share my passion with!!! Gary, Steve, Peppe and KP, thanks for the music man!

Influences: Dick Demers, my drum instructor for a number of years who helped me make sense of all those notes. Neil Peart of Rush. Buddy Rich, “The worlds greatest drummer”. And many of today’s drummers. Oh, and of course, “Jagermeister” the fuel of choice…

Band Profiles:
Steve - Luke - Gary - Peppe - KP

Masta Luke - Acoustic & Electronic Percussion - Strict9

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