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01/08/09 - We're in the process of moving pictures to our MySpace page. If you're not a friend on MySpace, become one!

11/26/08 - Here we are, embarking on another extended winter break. This time, it will go longer, but rest assured, we will be back! Stay tuned!

12/12/07 - As most of you know, Steve underwent back surgery a couple of weeks ago. We'd like to let you know that all went well and he is well on his way to a full recovery! We look forward to Steve being back in the saddle very soon! Send your well wishes to steve@strict9.net.

And now, Strict9 is excited to announce the addition of KP Keller to the family. A former member of Riot Act and Prana, KP studied bass under Clyde Stats at Johnson College in Vermont. KP's personality, enthusiasm, stage presence, and prowess on the bass made him an easy choice. Join us in welcoming him!

Send him a "welcome" email at kp@strict9.net!

05/09/07 - What the hell is up with this page? No news? Hmmm... Well, our excuse is that we spend so much time on our MySpace pages that we've kind of been neglecting this site. Other than updating the next show and adding pictures, we haven't done much of anything. So anyway, here's a blurb to let you know how excited we are that the summer beach season is nearly upon us and we've already begun our beach stand at Old Orchard! We love it down there and always look forward to spending the summers rocking the beach! We opened Pier Patio Pub for the season last weekend - thanks for coming out - and will be hitting Mr. Goodbar May 18 and 19. Mark your calendars! See you out there!

12/12/06 - We've added a NYE Primer show! Come party with us at The Barnhouse in Windham, on Friday, December 29. Then take a night to recover and come out to Wardens on NYE!

Hey, have you "friended" us on MySpace yet? We have a band 'Space and our own individual pages, as well. Go HERE and get started!

9/27/06 - From Erik of MME:

"Strict9 is one of the best cover bands I have seen and I gotta tell any cover band out there that they should take in a Strict9 show and take some notes. These guys go out and play the songs as if they wrote them. They put on a show and they keep things current. Gary, the singer, may not mimic the singers exactly tone for tone but he does a damn good job at making it sound like he is trying his best. The guitarists and bassist do their homework enough to hit every note played on the CD and Luke, the drummer, has a system to trigger the sound effects that are on the tracks and CDs. They play a Ra song that has all of the CDs intro, it kicks ass. This is the cover band to model after."

Read the entire article HERE.

Thanks, Erik!

Mark your calendars! We're booked at Wardens for New Year's Eve!

8/1/06 - This past weekend at the Pier was our last for the season - thanks to everyone that came down to party one last time, and thanks to Jimmy for being the host. We look forward to next season partying over the water in OOB. We'll have pictures being posted soon, so keep your eyes open for yourself if you were there, or go look for your friends if you couldn't make it. Chances are you know SOMEONE who went...... If you did make it - we've love to hear from you - the guestbook link is at the bottom of all the pages on our site, and a few of us are on MySpace, too. You can get to those through our biography pages. We all love our friends! We do have a few more shows in Old Orchard before the summer season wraps up - so you've got a couple more chances. Check the schedule for shows at Mr. Goodbars as well as a couple shows at a new club for us - Club Mirage. Be sure to come out and have a drink! Before you know it, summer will be quickly turning to fall!

7/6/06 - This past weekend at the Pier was amazing - all of you that came out to celebrate the holiday with us were awesome. We had a blast! We'd like to thank Jim from Hedtripp for sitting in on drums Saturday so Luke could attend to some family business. He did a GREAT job. We've got pictures that will be getting posted soon - so be sure to check in frequently to see if you got caught doing what you did..... yes, we saw you.....

7/1/06 - Welcome to the new STRICT9.NET! We've done a bit of updating, so take a look around and leave a note in the guestbook withg your thoughts.

Had a great time at the Pier last night, the first of three this weekend. Come see us tonight, and again on Monday the third. Come watch the fireworks from the end of the Pier! Couldn't ask for better seats!

5/23/06 - Our first weekend at the beach for the season - Holy Crap! Thanks to all that made it out. Strict9 had a great time and we "set the stage" for one hell of a summer! Come check it out in a couple weeks when we'll be back, but this time at the end of the pier. It'll be smokin' for sure!

1/16/06 - What a great weekend we had. Both The Shak on Friday and Montebello's on Saturday were a blast! We already have another show set up in Raymond, with a few more in the works. Keep your eye on the schedule to know when we'll be back. Also, keep checking back for pictures of the more recent shows..... and if you've taken any pictures at any shows - send them along to us, maybe we'll get put them up!

11/17/05 - New Years Eve! Do you know where you're going to be? You're going to be at the Club Oasis in Gray, that's where. Partying with Strict9, ringing in the new year - in a way you'll spend all 2006 trying to remember.....

11/13/05 - Another great night at The Warden's. We always have a blast when we're at there, and this weekend was no different. Once again we want to thank everyone who came out to party with us. We will be back again, you can count on that!

This weekend coming up we'll be playing two shows in two nights. First, on Friday we'll be at the Barnhouse in Windham. We haven't played there in over a year, so it'll be good to get back and see some of our friends from that area. It's located on the corner of Rt.302 and 35, you GOT to come check it out! Then on Saturday, we'll be making the trip back up to Rumford to party at the Shak.

11/6/05 - Man, was Club Oasis was rockin' last night! Thanks to everyone who made the trip to come party with us. Some people traveled a LONG way to be there with us, and we are super grateful. We love to see the familiar faces, and we also loved seeing all the new people who came to check us out. Hope to see you all again real soon.

We do have more shows lined up at Club Oasis, but for now you'll be able to catch us next at Warden's in Lewiston on the 12th. Warden's is a great place to hang out, party and have a good time. We sold the place out last time so make sure you get there early or you might get left out! Then we are back at the Barnhouse in Windham. Been a long time since we partied there - come and join us celebrate our return...

10/24/05 - Holy Crap - you guys rock! We want to thank the literally hundreds of people that came down/up/over to Legends in Lewiston to party with us. It was a GREAT night, and fun was had by all. We will have to look into throwing another one of those some time soon. If you were there, we've got pictures up - go see if you're in one, and if you *weren't* there - we've got pictures up - go see what you missed! We've got some more pictures in the wings to sort through too, so check back again. If you took pictures at this show (or *any* show for that matter) send them in to to us. We'd love to have a look at 'em, and we may even put them on the site for everyone to share!

The next time you'll be able to catch us will be a one nighter in Gray at the Club Oasis. It's located on Route 100, just south of "downtown" Gray. It's where the Loose Moose used to be.

Thanks again to all you people that regularly travel to see us play, we couldn't do it without you - and wouldn't really *want* to! So you keep comin', we'll keep playin'. We are who we are because you are who you are! See ya at the next show......

Don't forget to sign the Guestbook! Tell the world you are Strict9!

10/10/05 - Strict9 and Tony have parted ways. We wish the best of luck to Tony in his next endeavor. Keep your eyes peeled, you will see him for sure! Welcome to Marc Deraps, a seasoned veteran from the likes of Ledfoot and Orange Parade. His talent and high energy level will keep the Strict9 machine rolling, as always!

9/12/05 - What a blast our season closer at the Pier Patio Pub was! Thanks to everyone who made it out - check out the pictures to see if we caught you there.... Next time we're out, we'll be back at the beach for one LAST time this summer. We are going to party at Mr. Goodbars like we won't see the sand until next year (which very well may be the case!). Some come on down and let's send our summer OOB season off with a bang, or at least a big buzz.....

See ya all on the 23rd!!

**Special Update - 9/4/05 - On Friday night, September 2, Peppe's truck was broken into, and a majority of his guitar gear was stolen. This special post is being done just to let EVERYONE know. I figure the more people that are aware, the better the chance of getting some, if not all, of my stuff back. They took my speaker cabinets (two 2x12" SoundTech vertical cabinets), my power amp (MosValve) and effect processor (Rocktron Prophecy). The power amp and effects were in a big black plastic case (SKB). All the of these items are rather large and would be hard to conceal. They also made off with my toolbox, some money, sunglasses, and a dozen CD's - some of which belong to my 5 year old, the heartless cowards. If anyone has any information or thoughts about who may have done this please contact me (Peppe) as soon as you can. We've got a great show coming up this weekend, and I'd love to have my stuff back! Thanks!

8/29/05 - Well, it's been a LONG time since the last "news" entry. But after this last weekend, an entry just had to be made! We want to thank everyone who came out to the shows this weekend - we had a great night a Charlie's, and a SUPER night at Warden's. Thanks to everyone who came out to show their support for local music, and to have a few drinks with us. Warden's was packed to capacity, and everyone had a blast! Better luck next time to those of you who came just a little to late. Next time you'll have to get there a little earlier!

Next month we'll be spending at the beach. First at the Pier Patio Pub, then hanging out at Mr. Goodbar. These will be our last appearances in Old Orchard, so you'd better not miss it!

See ya all at the beach!

5/28/05 - We've got a couple new shows added! We've *finally* booked some shows to cover our fans in the Sebago Lakes region. We've booked two shows at Doug's in Naples, right off Rt. 302 in Naples, at the corner of Rt. 11. It'll be great to see some of our old friends from that area - it's been awhile. Check the schedule page to grab the dates (one in July and one in August), and start making your plans now. Gather up your friends and vacationing relatives and get your butts over there. Let's PACK the place!!

5/23/05 - Great weekend for rockin' music! Friday night we played up at Charlie's in Norway and had a great time! If you missed us this last time around - check the schedule, we'll be back there again so you'll get another chance...

Saturday night at Legends. What a party! Great crowd, great music, great drinks! What more could you ask for? Aside from some technical difficulties, we had a great time putting on a show with our buds in Suckerpunch. For those of you that made the show - you witnessed history. For one thing - Luke set up in *front* of the band. We've got pictures, and they'll be up soon. If you DIDN'T make it, you missed a great time and will have to rely on the pictures for you to only imagine the stuff you missed.

If you did get to catch some of the show, you'll be glad to know you can get the full Strict9 experience the first weekend in June (3 & 4) when we play at the Cellar Door in Auburn. Come down and see what we *couldn't* do at the Legends show...

4/3/05 - Rockin' weekend at the beach! What a great start to the OOB season at Mr.Goodbars. Thanks to everyone who braved the weather and came down to party with us, it was awesome to see you all. If you didn't make it down, we'll have pictures up soon documenting the whole thing... including the half a dozen or so hotties dancin' on the bar (if you were one of them - you're busted!) - that always helps make for a party atmosphere.

Next weekend we'll be hanging at The Cellar Door in Auburn, it's just on the Auburn side of the bridge, right on the corner of Main and Court Streets. It's been awhile since we've rocked central Maine, so it should be a doozy of a weekend! Better get down there early, you don't want to miss anything.

3/27/05 - Hello! Here we are! It's been a long time since an update to the news page, so there *could* be a lot to fill you all in on, but I won't. Needless to say, it's been a busy couple of months. Not so much with us doing shows, but in lots of other ways. But we're coming back - this weekend! As you can see above, we'll be partying in Old Orchard Beach this Friday and Saturday. We'll be celebrating our friend Lisa's birthday, so you should all come down and party with us. It's gonna be great. Lets see if we can get the beach rockin' so hard it doesn't stop until next October! I know we can do it!

The weekend after that, the 8th and 9th of April, we'll be back in Auburn at the Cellar Door. That place is always fun, so you've GOT to come down. Let's stop whining about how cold and snowy it's been, and lets start thinking about summer! It's gonna be a great year!

We've got some good shows lined up for May as well. Another dual show in Lewiston is in store and we've even got some new clubs set up for the summer "tour". So put on your dancin' and drinkin' shoes and lets see if *we* can keep up!

1/30/05 - What a weekend. The Loose Moose closed down unexpectedly on Friday, so we had to cancel our weekend shows there. Fortunately, we were able to fill Friday night playing at our good friend Charlie's up in Norway. A BIG thank you to those of you who made the last minute change of plans and drove up there to see us. We REALLY appreciated the support. And a big apology to those of you that drove to the Moose only to find it closed. We have been told it's just a temporary closing, and that future shows there are still on. We will let you know more as we hear it.

We've also added a NEW show to our schedule. We have a date set up to play The Stadium in Portland at the end of February. It'll be our first time at this venue, and we need LOTS of people to come. It's a big place, so we want to fill it right up! Start making your plans and telling your friends. It's gonna be a big party!

But before we play The Stadium, we have a one nighter at The Cellar Door in Auburn. This has been a fun place for us to play, it's a great club. So if you haven't been, swing down and check it (and us) out. If you HAVE been, then you know what I'm talking about and you're already planning on being there....

1/25/05 - A new multi-month schedule is now avaliable here. It covers our shows, as they are now, from now until July 4th weekend. Grab one and hang it on your fridge or cubicle wall or car window or wear it on your back or........

1/24/05 - WE'RE BACK! Thanks to everyone that came and welcomed us back to the stage at Warden's on Saturday night. We were all glad to be back up there making music for you guys. We had a decent crowd (pictures will be up soon... Thanks Michele!), even with a blizzard roaring right outside the door. Thanks to those who made to LONG trip to see us through the bad weather, we had people come through the snow to Lewiston from all the way down in Portland, Saco, and even Kennebunk, ...... As we often say - you guys are the reason we do this (well, that and it's fun...), so as long as you're coming - we'll keep playin'. We rolled out a couple new songs at Warden's, too. If you missed 'em, you'll have to come to the Loose Moose this coming weekend to find out what they were!

12/11/04 - Fun at the Cellar Door - that would describe last night. Despite the weather we had a great crowd of folks partyin' with us, and we couldn't have asked for a better crew. Thanks to everyone that made the journey down to the club. Happy Birthday to a couple of our favorite Strict9er's - Jeff and Tina - both of whom traveled a long way to party with us - you guys are awesome!

Well, that was it for Strict9 for 2004. Now we'll take time off to celebrate the holiday season and learn up some new tunes for the new year. Check the schedule page to see where we'll be playing come 2005, we'll be trying some new places as well as returning to some of our favorites. Party on! Party smart! Happy Holidays and see you next year!

12/5/04 - Great night at Legends! What a good turn out we had for the Strict9/Suckerpunch show last night. We had a good show, and Suckerpunch sounded awesome, too. Everyone in both bands had a great time and it was all because of you! Thanks to everyone that made the trek in to support the local music and drink a few brews with us. It was nice to be able to spend a little extra time with all of you between sets. Keep your eyes open for some pictures of the night. We'll be putting some up, and I know Suckerpunch will have some going up as well.

We'll see you all next Friday night (12/10) at The Cellar Door in Auburn. Last time we played it was a packed house, let's do that again! And it's Strict9's last show of the year - you're not going to want to miss this party!

11/24/04 - Strict9 got Loose at the Moose! The place was hopping and we had a great time. We've got pictures to prove it! (but we're not putting THOSE pictures up...) Keep you eye on the images page for the "acceptable" pictures from the weekend.

Strict9 also wants to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and let you all know that this year Strict9 is thankful for all of you. Those of you that come see us regularly..... those that travel across state lines to see us. We love you all. We couldn't do any of this without you. Thank you, thank you! We have a great time bringing you the music we do, and it's nice to know you like it! Here's to another full and exciting year of Strict9!!

11/14/04 - Holy crap! The Cellar Door was smokin'! Thanks to everyone who came down to support us on Friday night. The place was packed, and from what I've heard, there was no trouble and everyone had a great time! We'll be playing back there again, you can count on it. There were lots of cameras around, so I know we'll be putting pictures up soon. If YOU had a camera and have a some good shots, e-mail to us and we'll see about putting them on our images page!

See you all at the Moose this weekend!

9/26/04 - The Barnhouse frickin' rocks. And you can see for yourself right here. Playing there is always fun, and we can always count on the party people of the area to come out in full force. Some even *cough, cough* call into work to hang with us.

Now we've got a couple more weekends off, then we're back for one last time this season to rock Old Orchard Beach at Mr. Goodbars. This should be a great show, we had a blast last time we were there, and we'll be sure to have a good time this time, too. Make your plans now to come down and see us at the beach one last time..... Until then, keep your eyes on the website - we've got some more pictures coming, some more sound files to be posted, and some killer new shows in the works. We've got a potential double bill show coming up real soon, a couple Lewiston/Auburn shows being worked out, all sorts of goodies..... It's gonna be a great fall!

9/23/04 - Great fun was had by all at the Pier last weekend. Thanks to everyone who braved the rain and came down to party with us. Some people even braved a little pain... careful of the elbow.... Check out some pictures of the nights here. There are more - so check back soon.....

Now we've got a one night show at the Barnhouse Tavern in Windham. So if you were looking to catch us Saturday night, sorry, you'll need to get over there Friday night. We're going to need to fit two nights of Strict9 into one night - so we need your help! This will be the last show for a couple more weeks, too. So all the more reason to get off yer duff and get to Windham! See ya there!

9/17/04 - Pier Patio Pub, here we come! New songs have been added to the audio page - all recorded live at Mr. Goodbars in Old Orchard Beach. Check 'em out! Then come see us play them in real life.....

Also - due to circumstances beyond Strict9's control, the show next weekend at the Barnhouse Tavern has been reduced to only one night. We will only be playing Friday the 24th. The Saturday show has been canceled. We are looking to replace it with a show somewhere else, but at this short notice - who knows if we can - but keep your eyes open for where you may be able to catch us!

9/1/04 - Wow! The first of September... Where is summer going? But it's not over yet, we've got one more Pier Patio Pub weekend left, BikeFest no less - and we have added another new weekend in Old Orchard Beach. We are now scheduled to play at Mr. Goodbars on October 15 & 16, filling one of our cancled Old Port Tavern gigs. We look forward to seeing you all there!

We're also getting ramped up for that Patio show the 17 & 18 of September. We'll have a few new songs added (of course!) and maybe some other surprises! You'll have to come down to find out.....

8/19/04 - Well, it appears we spoke to soon.  Due to some miscommunications, this weekend shows at the Old Port Tavern have been canceled.  So we will not be playing this weekend.

We will miss you all, but we look forward to seeing you all in the very near future at our next show.  And keep those new club suggestions coming in!

Thanks for your support!

8/18/04 - We'd just like to thank everyone who came down to the Pier shows this past weekend. As usual, we had a great time hanging out with all of you. We look forward to the next time we're there in September - with Saturday being the annual bike festival it should be quite a party!


Bad news - Yes, it is true, after August 31 the Old Port Tavern will be changing it's format and not having bands anymore. All the shows for the rest of the year have been canceled. But the good news is- We have ONE LAST WEEKEND there before the end of the month. THIS WEEKEND! Come on down and party with us for the last time at the Old Port Tavern. We're going to make our last show there a complete party! Bring all your friends and lets send OPT out with a bang. You are not going to want to miss this!

7/26/04 - What an excellent weekend! We had a blast and are glad you all could make it. It was great to see you "regular" Strict9er's, and it was also great to meet some new ones! We hope to start seeing more of you guys at our shows. You are the reason we do this! We look forward to playing at Goodbars again soon. While nothing is set up yet - we'll be working on it.

This coming weekend we'll be back at the Barnhouse Tavern in Windham and we're expecting to see all of you there, too! Come party with us!!

7/10/04 - Old Port Tavern rocks! What a great way to kick off the holiday weekend! Thanks to everyone who came down - those of you that endured hardships (damn towing company...) and those that traveled long distances to see us - a special thanks to you. To everyone that comes down - you are the reason we do this. You all keep coming, and we'll keep pumping out the tunes.

Now we're going to take a couple weekends off. We'll be gaining our energy back and learning up a few more new songs, some really new stuff and because of popular demand, maybe a couple more "old school" tunes to change things up now and then.

The next show we do will be at another new spot for us - Mr. Goodbars down in Old Orchard. We hope to see all of you there, showing Mr. Goodbars that Strict9 fans are top notch. Well behaved - but drink like fish! We all want to have a great time! Come on down and show us what ya got!

6/27/04 - Great night at the Loose Moose in Gray! Thanks to everyone who came down and made the night an awesome success. Our first night there, and we all had a really good time, and it looked like you all did, too. We'll be looking at our schedule to see when we can get back there for sure! It was definitely a party!

Next weekend (July 2-3) we'll be playing at the Old Port Tavern. Feels like we haven't been there in ages, but we have not forgotten how to rock the place. So grab lots of friends, have them grab some friends, and come down - lets start the 4th of July holiday weekend off with a BANG!

6/6/04 - Been awhile since our last news update - we've been busy! Two weekends ago, Memorial Day weekend, we spent at the Pier Patio Pub in Old Orchard Beach. What a weekend that was! Three nights of partying out on the pier. We had a great time, and we're assuming from the guestbook entries, our mailing list sign ups, and the number of people who were actually there, that you all had a good time too! We even had people who came all three nights! It was rockin'! A special hardy thanks to those of you who traveled great distances and actually spent the entire weekend with us in OOB. That is very cool. If you've never been to the pier before, you gotta check it out. There is basically three clubs in one - the outside patio, with music spinning, the upstairs "dance" club, and the main floor where we will be banging out our mix of the best modern rock! We will be heading back there on June 18-19, and we've heard word that the turn out is going to be phenomenal, so you'll want to get there early! This summer is going to be smokin'!

This past weekend we spent in Windham, at the Barnhouse Tavern, and once again we were not disappointed. Windham knows how to party! And congratulations to all you Andover College graduates! Thanks for coming down and spending such a special night with us. Except from the look of it, you burned away most the cells you worked so hard to fill up! Ooops....

DATE CHANGE - For those of you with a printed show schedule, please note that the Loose Moose date has changed. It is now Saturday, June 26. You can download a new updated schedule right here.

5/16/04 - Great weekend at the Barnhouse Tavern! We had a blast and want to thank everyone for coming down and partying with us! We'd like to give a special thanks to the guys from Civil Disturbance for coming down on Saturday and playing a couple sets to get everybody warmed up. If you get a chance to see these guys play - do it. Thanks guys! Also thanks to the guys from Kaining Amy - Erik, Mike and Rob - who came to party with us and ended up getting up to sit in for a few - sorry, Mike, I was having to much fun, next time you're up for sure! And, last but not least, thanks to those of you who made it a two night weekend and came to hang out BOTH nights - you guys are frickin' awesome.

Strict9 will now take next weekend off to gear up for the next shows - three days on the pier in Old Orchard Beach. Memorial Day weekend we'll be playing Friday, Saturday AND Sunday nights, it's gonna be a wamma jamma weekend, so you all need to come by and welcome in the good times of summer. Summer in Maine doesn't last very long - so LET'S GET STARTED!

See ya on the beach!

5/11/04 - Thanks to everyone that made it out this weekend to party with us at the good old OPT.  Especially those of you who made BOTH nights. That's always great to see!  We always have fun when we play in Portland, and it seems most of YOU have fun when we play in Portland, too!  Keep your eyes open - we'll be back!

4/5/04 - What a great weekend at the Old Port Tavern! As always, we all had a great time, and we're pretty sure all of you did as well. We look forward to rockin' there again soon. You were all wonderfully supportive of our new bass player Tony. In fact, Tony asked me to pass along some comments of his own. You can find them here.

This coming weekend we'll be hangin' out at the Barnhouse Tavern in Windham and we look forward to seeing you all there to party with us again. See ya there!!

3/9/04 - Some bittersweet news from Strict9.

Strict9 and Jason Work have parted ways. While this is a move that
will be mutually beneficial, change is always hard. We appreciate all
the support we have gotten from you, the fans, and look forward to continuing to entertain you into the distant future.

Replacing Jason on the bass is long time local musician, Tony Croteau. Tony has been playing in the Lewiston/Auburn area for many years, and will be a solid addition to Strict9's backbone. With Tony's rock steady bass work, and positive attitude, Strict9 is now ready to move forward with the matter at hand - making some of the best music around. We are confident that Tony will be ready to play our next show without missing a beat.

Come on down to see us and lets show
Tony what it's all about to be STRICT9!

You can read some personnal thoughts
from drummer Masta Luke here.

3/7/04 - WOW! We love you guys! Our first two weekends after our break, and the nights are just as crazy as ever! Thanks to everyone who came down to the shows at the Barnhouse Tavern in Windham or the Old Port Tavern in Portland. And a super special thanks to the people who made it to BOTH places (you know who you are.....) We'll be posting some pictures soon, so keep your eyes open! If you were at either show - or both - sign the guestbook and let everyone know what you thought.

Now we get a couple weekends off to recuperate, then we'll be back to do it again. Lookin' forward to it already! The next "set in stone" show is back at OPT in April, but we're trying to work out the possibility of a one night show between now and then, so keep your eyes and ears open. We'll let you know when, where and if that happens as soon as we know.

2/12/04 - Well, here we are, getting into the last couple weeks before hitting the stage again. While the time off has been nice, we sure have missed you guys - we can't wait to get back out there and see you all again. We've added a bunch of new songs, and brought back a few that have been pulled from the rotation for a while (on account of the requests we've been getting for them). It's gonna be FUN! When we start back up again, we've got two weekends in a row - one at the Barnhouse Tavern in Windham, then the next weekend at the Old Port Tavern in Portland. Come on down and check out the shows!

If you'd like more information about the band, more detailed updates, or be one of the first to be filled in on news of other upcoming events, sign up to receive the Strict9 newsletter. Which you can do right here. You could win a fabulous prize! (must be naked to win)

1/5/04 - Welcome to the new year, everyone! And what a kick off it was. Thanks to everyone for coming down to OPT on New Years Eve to ring it in with Strict9. We had a packed house - wall to wall people - just the way we like it! Thanks to everyone who came down on Friday and Saturday to party with us, too. You made the whole weekend a success! A very special thanks to those of you who got the "information" that we were playing somewhere else - you found out where we actually were, and made the trek to see us. That was awesome! Always great to see the faces of people who are willing to travel a little to hang with us. And a big red shout out to the guys from Kaining Amy who made the trip down to party with us. Thanks for getting up to jam a couple tunes so we could have a little "bar time".

We've got TONS of pictures from NYE and the weekend and they will be up soon. So keep your eyes on the site and maybe you'll see yourself! (doing something you may not remember you did.....)

Now the bad news......Strict9 will be taking a couple months off to re-energize and learn a slew of new songs, and maybe even write a few. The next time you'll be able to catch us out is the end of February, at the Barnhouse Tavern in Windham. You can bet we'll be chomping at the bit to get out and party with you all, so you're not going to want to miss it! See ya then!

12/21/03 - The Barnhouse rocks! Thanks to everyone who came out this weekend, we had a great turn out. A special thanks to those of you who made it out BOTH nights. We always love to see familiar faces! Now we gear up for the New Years blow out at the Old Port Tavern. We'll be celebrating until 2am, pulling out some new tunes in the process. Come on down and ring the new year in Strict9 style. And any resolutions you made last year, or any new ones for this coming year, can be left at the door (unless, of course, it's something that might entertain us all...). There will be a cover, but where else can you join a NYE celebration for $5.

Strict9 wishes you the best of holiday seasons.
Merry Christmas, and we'll see you on New Years Eve!

12/8/03 - WOW! Great time at the Old Port this last weekend. We want to thank all the die hards that came out during the blizzard to see the show on Saturday. Had a great turn out, even with the bad weather. And if you were there, you've got a jump on this news - the new Strict9 shirts are in! They are black and feature the Strict9 skull logo that's all over the web site. We've got a limited number so you'll want to grab yours fast! Catch us at an up coming show to get yours. See ya at the Barnhouse Tavern!

11/24/03 - (From Gary) I'd like to thank all you people that came to the Barnhouse this weekend and stuck with me through my ailment. Sure is hard to sing with bronchitis! I was embarrassed, at first, but you all made me feel good, and I thank you for that! Special thanks to Erik, of Kaining Amy (kainingamy.com) for coming out Saturday night to sit in with us. You rock, man! Thanks, also, to Civil Disturbance, for struttin' their stuff on stage, both nights, as well. Keep your eyes peeled for those guys! A big smack on the back to Jason, for steppin' up to mic, also! He picked up a lot of my slack!

11/22/03 - Great time at the Barnhouse Tavern last night! The place was definitely ROCKIN'! We'll be there again tonight, so if you didn't make it down - you've got another chance. Come down and join the party!

Halloween pictures are finally up! You can find them by going to this page. We'll be putting together a second batch (there were a LOT of great pictures!), so if you don't see yourself this time, be sure to check back soon.

The T-Shirts are on their way! Keep your eyes open at upcoming shows to be one of the first to wear the "new logo" shirts. They're gonna go fast, so you'll want to act quickly!

11/20/03 - Thanks to everyone who came out for our last shows at the Toucan Lounge, in Lewiston, this past weekend! We had a great time! If you came out, you got to see a few "celebrities" in the crowd. Friday night, Scott, from "Uncle Jack", stopped in and jammed with us on "Bodies". Saturday night, Jay and Tony, from "i", stopped in and hung out for a while. Tony, who plays bass for "i", came up and sat in on drums for "Poem". Both of those bands will be at Toucan Lounge on the 29th of this month. Strict9 will be attending the show, so you do the same! Again, thanks to everyone for coming out!

Pictures from the Halloween show will be here soon! Keep your eye out here......

11/13/03 - Bass player wanted! We are looking for an energetic, reliable bass player with backup vocal ability who can lay down the low end with conviction and precision. Must have gear and transportation. Send an email to strict9@strict9.net if you're interested in an audition!

11/3/03 - Whew! Another great weekend at OPT! Thanks to everyone who came out - especially those of you in costume on Halloween night - there were some really good ones. We've got a TON of pictures and will be posting them soon, so keep your eyes on the web site and maybe you'll see yourself! Saturday night was a doozy as well. We had more then a few birthdays being celebrated, so it was definitely party central. Everyone had a great time (at least the band had fun!)

We will be taking next weekend off to charge up again, but we'll be back to rock everyone on the 14th and 15th of November at The Bird Toucan Lounge in Lewiston. We've heard the Toucan will be closing its doors at the end of this month, so it looks like this will be Strict9's final appearance there. You're not going to want to miss it! Come on down and let's blow the doors off the place one last time!

Tee-shirt reminder - We're getting closer and closer to the order date for the new and improved Strict9 shirts. They will be sporting the new logo, and will be available in "regular" tee-shirt form and we're also having a limited number of tank tops made up. They're going to sell fast, so in order to guarantee your new shirt - we are taking preorders (you'll need to pay the $10 in advance). If you're interested, contact us at an upcoming show (like the Toucan perhaps), or via e-mail at strict9@strict9.net

10/16/03 - Hello Strict9er's! It's been awhile since the last site updates, but here we are, back again. We've got some great shows coming up, and can't wait to see all of you again. First, next weekend, October 24 & 25 we'll be making a return showing at the Barnhouse Tavern in Windham. The place was rockin' last time - and this time will be better, I'm sure! We've taken some time and learned a few more new tunes to throw in, too, so come check those out.

The weekend after that - HALLOWEEN! We'll be spending both nights at the Old Port Tavern in Portland. We'll all be in costume, so put on your best garb and head on down to celebrate All Hallows Eve in style - with STRICT9!

New pictures - Be sure to check out the Images page. We've put some new pictures up from shows we've done over the past few months. If you went to one, go see if you're there! But if you're not - don't worry - cameras show up at most of our shows, just be sure to do something memorable in front of one and you might just make it onto the site!

8/7/03 - This Friday and Saturday, August 8 and 9, we'll be at the Barnhouse Tavern, in Windham. Directions are below. We really need your support this weekend, as it is our first time at this club. Come down, and bring your friends! It's party time in Windham! Take the turnpike to Exit 11. Turn left on 202 (W Gray Rd) and go for about 3.2 miles. Bear right on 115 (Tandberg Trl) and go for about 3 miles. When you come up to Rte 302, cross it, and you'll see Barnhouse Tavern on the left. Their phone number is 892-2221. They've got pretty good food there, so go early and have dinner! Let's make Windham stand up and take notice when Strict9 comes to town! Sound and lights provided by P and J Sound.

Also, we've been booked for New Year's Eve at Old Port Tavern! Mark your calendars!

7/3/03 - Wow! What a blast at the Pier this last weekend. Thanks to everyone who came down to hang out with us. We are seeing a lot of repeat visitors, and that's AWESOME. We're glad you're all enjoying yourselves enough to keep coming back. We're also still seeing quite a few new faces each time as well - that's great, too!

After a weekend like that, we'll be needing to take a couple weekends off, but you can bet we'll be returning with full force as we make a whirl wind trip around the state. We've got a whole row of shows set up in Portland, Old Orchard, Bath, Windham, and Greene - check the schedule to see when we'll be near you - or just come to them ALL! Come on, Maine ain't that big!

Now I'm going to give you "regulars" a homework assignment: I want all of you that have come to see us a couple times, each bring two people to the next couple shows that haven't seen us yet. Lets pack these places! You've got a couple weeks, round up some friends!

6/25/03 - We had a GREAT time at our (long overdue) weekend at the Old Port Tavern. The pictures are now posted - if you were there (or even if you weren't) go check 'em out. Thanks to everyone for coming down, with an extra nod to Justin Demers (of Modus fame...) for grabbing the mic and belting a great Godsmack tune. Nicely done. Now we're ready to head back to Pier Patio Pub, OOB! We're reasonably sure you won't be able to see your breath this time! We'll be there this Friday and Saturday, June 27 and 28. Head to Old Orchard Beach, find the Pier (you can't miss it) and walk it all the way to the end. Show starts at 9:15.

6/6/03 - Hey boys and girls - Old Port Tavern is quickly approaching, have you got your rides all lined up? It's gonna be a blow out! We'll be showing up with a whole BUNCH of new material. So far, we've got not 1, not 3, not even 5 new songs - we're going to be rolling in to Portland with almost an entire new set added to our list - songs that the Old Port has never heard us play - you're not gonna want to miss this!

5/29/03 - Well, our debut at Pier Patio Pub, in Old Orchard Beach, was a HUGE success. We made a lot of new friends (check out the pictures), and we're looking forward to going back. Were you there? Have you signed the guestbook yet? When are we going back, you ask? Strict9 will perform at the Pier again on Friday and Saturday, June 27 and 28. With the warmer weather, it's sure to be wall to wall people, considering the brisk business they did even when it was cold enough to see your breath. It was a VERY busy place! After a weekend like that, we're in need of a SHORT break. But we will be returning to Old Port Tavern, 11 Moulton St., Portland, on Friday and Saturday, June 20 and 21. We'll be refreshed, and sporting more than a few songs you haven't heard us do before, so come get yourself another dose of Strict9!

5/10/03 - For those of you following along, Gary is now home from the hospital. Apparently, the physical size of his head started to obtain enough girth to match wits with what he perceives his head size to be. But, with a couple of pokes, prods, and a nice creamy suave, it seems to be shrinking down to a much better proportion in relation to the rest of his body. We would like to send a hearty shout out to Krome and Starr Faithfull for jumping in at the last minute at the Old Port Tavern yesterday and today, so you guys would have some jammin' music to party and dance the night away.


5/7/03 - It's with sadness that the Old Port Tavern shows this weekend must be canceled. Gary seems to have developed a problem that has required him to be admitted to the hospital for a short stay (send him a note). While the stay will be limited, it was by doctors’ orders that he not perform this weekend. So now we look forward to our debut gig at the Pier Patio Pub in Old Orchard on Memorial Day weekend! You can bet we'll be hitting the ground at full speed as soon as we get the nod. We've even added some new songs to our line up that we were going to unveil this weekend - guess you'll all have to wait for the OOB show to hear them. You won't want to miss it! We are scheduled to be back at the Old Port on June 20 & 21. We look forward to seeing everyone again, and check back here for more updates.

4/13/03 - Another roarin' weekend at the Old Port Tavern. There was a great turn out on both Friday and Saturday nights, and it was quite a randy group, too. We partied with about 5 or 6 birthday's, celebrated with 2 bachelorette parties, and witnessed one wedding proposal, right from the stage (she said yes!). Congratulations Nick and Gretchen, Strict9 wishes you many happy years to come! Once again, proving that you never know what's going to happen at a Strict9 show, but you're always guaranteed a great time.

4/10/03 - SITE UPDATE. As you may have noticed (since you are on the "new" News page), the entire Strict9 web site has had a face lift. Look around a little and swing on by the guestbook to let us know what you think. We're always looking for feedback. Cause, as you know,with Strict9 it's all about you!

3/24/03 - Thank God for fast turn arounds. Strict9 has been fortunate enough to find a singer without even having to cancel a single show. Gary is back! So now Strict9 can really take hold and rock you guys into the ground! Keep an eye on the schedule to see where we'll be next. Or join the mailing list and have our schedule come to you.

3/10/03 - It is with deep regret that Strict9 must announce the upcoming departure of Gary, lead singer, and one of the founding members, of Strict9. Currently, Gary's last scheduled show with Strict9 will be at the Old Port Tavern, in Portland, on Friday and Saturday, April 11th and 12th. But, you also have two more chances to party with Gary. He will be doing one more show at the Toucan Lounge, in Lewiston on Saturday, March 15th. He will also do a show at Riverside Sports Pub, in Bath, on Friday, April 4th. Please take these opportunities to come party with Strict9 and wish Gary well on his next endeavors. He will be greatly missed, both by Strict9 as well as our faithful fans.

Keep an eye on this site, and join the
mailing list, to keep up to date with Strict9
and find out what we've got in store...

2/17/03 - Just a note to say "thanks" to all who came out Saturday night! It was easily the best crowd we've had yet at the new Toucan Lounge. We're starting to recognize a lot of returning faces. Talking to those "faces" we're finding out they're bringing new faces with them, and that's great! Obviously, to a certain degree, we do this for ourselves, for the love of music, and for the love of performing. BUT, when we formed Strict9 in the late fall of 2001, we went into this with the idea that we wanted to be different from what we were seeing in the area. We formed the band, and put together a song list consisting of current popular modern rock and set to the task of learning these songs. We actually took nine months to work on our list--we wanted to make sure we had it right. Anyway, I'm gushing, so I'll end it with this: For YOU, we bring "A Show". Not just good music performed live. We put every ounce of energy into a performance we hope you will remember. We strive to bring you "The BEST damn rock show. PERIOD." See you soon!

12/29/02 - Another kick-ass time at OPT this past weekend! We used Friday and Saturday night as a dress rehearsal for the new set of music we learned for the New Year's Eve show at Toucan Lounge. The songs, mostly "classic" modern rock from bands like Bush, STP, Pearl Jam, Lit, and Collective Soul, went over extremely well. We had so much fun Saturday night we wanted to play another set!

Have you checked out our promo video yet? Visit the Video page...

11/22/02 - Strict9 is once again whole! New to the lineup is Peppe, formerly of bands such as Krumpus, Mr. Bones, and 2nd Shift. Peppe's drive, skill, and personality has made him a perfect fit for the band. We can't WAIT to hit the road again!

11/5/02 - Strict9 and Dennis Boilard have parted ways. His enthusiasm will be missed. It is our understanding that he is involved in another project. We wish Dennis the best of luck.
The search for a new guitarist is on! For an audition, send an email to strict9@strict9.net.
Also, we have a question for the ladies. What is it you want to hear? We're looking to add some new songs to the list and want your input. Your opinion counts! Send us an email at strict9@strict9.net!

10/28/02 - Strict9 makes their big debut at the NEW Toucan Lounge, this Thursday, HALLOWEEN, October 31. There will be T-shirt giveaways, as well as a DVD player! Strict9 will be in costume, so you definitely don't want to miss this one! Let's pack the place and party! If you can't make it Thursday, we will return Friday and Saturday...
The new Toucan Lounge is located at 1517 Lisbon St. The entrance is eight-tenths of a mile from the entrance to the OLD Toucan Lounge, heading towards Lisbon. It is across from Philips Elmet. Drive in, after the sign on your right, and pull in around the building. Toucan Lounge is tucked away in back. Tell everyone, bring everyone! See you there!

9/29/02 - Make your New Year's Eve plans NOW! Strict9 will perform on New Year's Eve at Toucan Lounge. More details to come! We were also asked by Old Port Tavern, but, as much as we enjoyed the Portland scene, we've opted for the local show with family and friends. See you there!

9/14/02 - Last night, Strict9 made their Portland debut, at Old Port Tavern, in front of a packed house. It was a huge success. After the first set, we were asked to book a rotation, playing there every four to six weeks. Also, an area promoter gave us his card, saying he'd like to do some business for us! The dance floor was shoulder to shoulder all night long and, man, those Portland folk sure do like the loud stuff! Also, many, many thanks to all of the Strict9 fans who made the trek from the Lewiston area, Old Orchard, Cape Elizabeth, New Hampshire, and more, to support us. A little help goes a long way.

9/9/02 - Jason has returned from his first body-building competition in Pennsylvania! He placed fifth in his weight class and seventh in the open! We'll post a few pictures of Jason in his thong soon... Also, we have just booked our first show in the NEW Toucan Lounge. We are scheduled Friday and Saturday, September 27 and 28. Be there!

6/23/02 - We received a call this morning asking us to provide the entertainment for Toucan Lounge's final bash! Toucan Lounge will be closing it's doors at the end of July. No word yet on whether it will reopen elsewhere. You definitely do NOT want to miss this show! Come to The Bird and party one last time on July 26 & 27! Also, our first shipment of Strict9 T-shirts has sold exceptionally well. We have placed another order to make sure we have enough on hand for the upcoming Toucan show this Friday and Saturday. Available sizes are M,L,XL, and XXL.

6/15/02 - T-Shirts are in! Send us an email and reserve yours today! Available sizes are M,L, and XL. They will be available at the upcoming shows. $15 each

6/1/02 - Video clips from Toucan 5/18 have been added to the site! Check them out!

5/26/02 - Pictures from Toucan 5/17 have been added to the site! Video clips coming soon!

5/23/02 - Success!! Thanks to all who came out last weekend for our big debut! What a blast! We'll be back at Toucan next month.

5/18/02 - If you came to Toucan Lounge Friday night to see Strict9's first gig, you were treated to one kick ass show! We cut the show about 15 minutes short due to vocal issues (I'm having allergy problems and have scheduled an appointment with a specialist.) but thanks to a great sound man and a forgiving crowd the show was a big success! If you did make it, thanks for coming and we hope to see you again! If you couldn't make it, we're doing it again Saturday night (tonight)!! Come on down!

4/14/02 - Last night Strict9 showed up at the Krumpus show in Norway at Charlie's. Krumpus was nice enough to allow Strict9 to take the stage between the 2nd and 3rd sets! Our "sneak preview" Mega-Miniset included monster tunes from Godsmack, Sugar Ray, The Offspring, and Papa Roach. Did it go over well? Considering the fact that Charlie approached us immediately after our set to talk about booking us, I'd have to say, "YES!!!"

Only one more month before our explosive debut at Toucan Lounge! Spread the word! Mark your calendars: Draw big 9s on May 17 and 18!

3/23/02 - We have a couple of announcements. First and foremost, we have welcomed Jason into the band as our new bass player. Originally from West Virginia, Jason's occupation brought him to Maine. With a great personality, kick-ass bass playin' ability and stage presence, Jason has completed our lineup. Second, our first show will be at Toucan Lounge on Friday and Saturday, May 17 and 18, 2001. We're looking forward to rocking the house down! Sign our guestbook!



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