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Since 1989 I have been fortunate enough to have played in some great bands and make a lot of friends along the way. Music brought me from Vermont to Maine in 1993 when I was in an early, 5-piece version of Riot Act. After almost 7 years in Riot Act and almost 6 years now in PRANA, I am psyched to be gearing up for 2008 as the bassist for Strict9. In the music biz, finding cohesiveness among band members is more difficult than anything else. These guys have shown me that they have the right attitudes and ideas to make this a great experience for, not only me, but for anyone who comes out to see us. I am proud to be part of a band that cares so much about putting on the best show that they can. And I can't wait to get THIS show on the road! KP-

Spector NS2000 active 5-string bass
SX Vintage Series 5-string jazz copy
2002 Fender sunburst 4-string jazz bass
1987 Ibanez RD707MG active 4-string
Trace Elliot AHM400SMX amp head
8X10 Peavey TX cabinet
4X10 Peavey TX cabinet
Boss ME-6B processor
Ashdown Envelope Filter Plus
...and like a bunch of cords, picks, and a broken tuner.

Geddy Lee...major scales never kicked ass before Rush!
Scott Bannevich (Edwin McCain "Honor Among Thieves")
Eddie Jackson- Queensryche (always used Spectors)
Duff McKagan- Guns and Roses...(the reason I started playing bass)
I lived in Nashville and those bass players are awesome!
And of course, James Jamerson (Motown legend)

"Music has brought me everything in my life. I will always owe a debt of grattitude to the people who have supported the projects I have been involved with over the years. Not just the fans, family and friends, but the musicians as well. It takes all of us to make that magic happen." - KP

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Band Profiles:
Steve - Luke - Gary - Peppe - KP

KP Keller - Bass Guitar, Backup Vocals - Strict9

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